Web hosting services

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the process and service of providing server space and resources to host a website. It is an essential element of every single site on the internet.

To provide this, web hosting services companies are constantly investing in their physical infrastructure. They have up-to-date, robust security and fault-tolerant data center environments to ensure maximum uptime and minimum outages. In essence, they make sure there aren’t any glitches during normal usage!

Types of Web hosting

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting means that a site is stored on server resources used by multiple entities, making it an affordable type of hosting. 

It’s ideal for websites that host blogs, portfolios, have low volumes of traffic, or that don’t require considerable server resources to process site activities.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting

A VPS is like a dedicated server environment, but with one significant difference—they’re not on their own. Instead, a VPS runs on shared server resources. 

It’s a more cost-effective solution than a dedicated server but provides better reliability, security, and performance than shared hosting. Also, no other websites live on the same VPS because it’s a private virtual machine, meaning there’s no competition for space. VPS is like having your very own remote server in the cloud!

Dedicated server web hosting

Dedicated server hosting involves hosting a website on its own physical server. Typically, these dedicated servers are customized pieces of hardware built specifically for the websites or applications they’ll serve.

A dedicated server website is the highest cost solution, but the server resources are all ring fenced for use exclusively with the customer/site for which it was commissioned.

Web hosting services with PagesThatConvert.com

When you shop for web hosting services, the countless options are confusing, with most offering similar features at different prices.

Many hosting providers offer cut-price services, but this is often at the expense of reliability, performance, or customer service.

That’s why at PagesThatConvert.com, we’ve partnered exclusively with select web hosting providers that have a solid performance and client satisfaction history. We vet our providers to ensure your satisfaction long after you purchase.  

When you subscribe to one of our web hosting packages, we’ve done the legwork to guarantee value, reliability, security, uptime, and service.

Web hosting packages

Shared hosting

*For monthly term contracts, you must pay a minimum initial payment of 3 months hosting fees upfront. It then switches to a rolling monthly contract to be paid in advance for each month’s service.

**For yearly term contracts, the hosting fees are paid upfront for the total term of 12 months.

VPS and dedicated server hosting

Please contact us to discuss your server requirements so we can prepare a bespoke quotation for you.

Web hosting – Frequently asked questions


Can anyone sign up for a PagesThatConvert web hosting package?

The short answer is no.

Only clients that have a design project with us or are looking to hire us to migrate away from their current hosting provider can sign up for a PagesThatConvert web hosting package.

Is there a minimum term for your web hosting packages?

Initially, yes. If we design and launch your site, or if you hire us to migrate your site to our web hosting, then we require a minimum initial term of 3 months.

After that, it’s a rolling monthly contract.

What notice do I need to give to cancel my web hosting?

As long as we are outside the initial 3-month term, you can cancel your web hosting package with a minimum of 30 days’ clear notice before the next billing cycle begins.

Note that if you are partway through a billing cycle when you notify us of your wish to cancel, the following cycle will be billed for the entire month and canceled at the end of that month.

Can I pay with 30/60/90-day terms?

No. Sorry. All web hosting packages are paid for in advance of the month’s service after the initial term.

If I'm late paying, what happens?

We get it. Sometimes payments are missed or late. Life can get in the way.

Our invoicing system will automatically send out invoices due for the month ahead, around 7 days before your next month’s fees are due.

If the fees are not paid on time or cross overdue, then your account will be flagged. We will also be in touch to see if there’s a problem or anything we can do to help.

If, after a further 7 days, the account is still in arrears, then the site will be placed into maintenance mode until the account is settled.

Be sure to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience if you are having trouble making payments.

Do you offer unmanaged web hosting packages?

No. All of our packages are tailored to offer you a managed service as standard. You’ll have peace of mind and can run your business without worrying about updating your website or plugins, making daily backups, or checking for any suspicious hacker activity on the site.

We take care of all of that for you as part of our service as standard. It’s hassle-free for you.

I already have a web hosting provider, can you design my site and launch it on that service?

No. Sorry. We’ve chosen to partner with web hosting providers with environments compatible with WordPress, aligning with how we design and operate. Many providers over subscribe to their services and under resource their server environments, and we cannot work with sub-par partners.

Any sites we migrate or build for our clients require an initial 3-month term with one of our web hosting packages. This ensures that the site is configured to run optimally in the server environment built for our design platforms.

You are, of course, free to migrate your site away to another web hosting provider after the initial 3-month term if you choose.

Can I retain control of my domain registration and DNS when you redesign my site?

Of course. We’ll give you details of the required records to create in your zone for the new site when it is ready to launch.

Will you handle the domain registration and manage DNS?

We do this automatically for new websites with no previous domain namespace presence as part of our web hosting procurement process.

If the domain is pre-existing and there was a website previously, there are two options. Either we can help you with the domain registrar migration process, or you can continue with the current registrar and manage the DNS yourself.

If you are migrating away from a previous web host who is also your domain registrar, we recommend you migrate both away and have a clean break. We can assist you with this process.

What happens to my email hosting?

We also offer email hosting and migration services if you have email mailboxes to migrate away from your current hosts. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for pricing and details until we have our service page live for this service offering.

Please note we only offer email services to current clients. The service is not open to the general public.