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Responsive Web Design Services

The number of mobile device users is growing by the day, and so are their expectations. Most people now use smartphones and tablets to search for businesses like yours. So if your site looks less than perfect on every device, prospects leave, and you can’t afford that!

You need responsive web design services to guarantee a perfect, consistent user experience on any device, no matter the screen size or resolution. With our web design services, you’ll always look good, no matter what.

If you want to keep up with the competition, you need to add responsive website design services to your business strategy.

image demonstrating a website with responsive design
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We are a WordPress design agency

Responsive web design and WordPress it’s a winning combination.

There are many web design solutions, but none match WordPress for customizability, ease of use, and variety of features. 

That’s why WordPress powers almost 40% of all today’s 1.3 billion websites, and that number is constantly growing.

A huge reason for using WordPress is the development and support for 3rd party plugins. No matter the task, feature, or design element that you need, WordPress has a plugin.

With our web design workflow, we can design or incorporate everything you need into a WordPress-powered website.

Website essentials

You’ll be impressed at the plethora of themes, layouts, and styles we offer to create a website that looks professional and unique. 

We work hard to ensure that the final product meets all your expectations of functionality and visual aesthetics.

Our websites follow a core design and feature the following pages:

  • Home page
  • Contact page
  • About page
  • Services or Products page (or both)
  • Blog page
photo of UI design process on desk with drawings

If you prefer something different, let’s chat. It’s your website, and we can tailor everything precisely to your requirements. Plus, you can purchase additional pages, features, or bespoke layouts as required. We’re talking landing page design, eCommerce website design, portfolios, live chat integrations. And more. You name it. We design it.

Custom made add-on pages or services

If you have an additional page or feature requirements, we can incorporate these into a personally tailored, bespoke web design package.

Talk to us if you need specific functionality for your site. If there’s a plugin available, we’ll track it down, test it for suitability, and incorporate it into your site.

If WordPress has no solution, we can look at custom-order web application development, especially for you. With our website design process, Almost anything is possible!

Just let us know in the web design client questionnaire!

Types of web design

Business web design

Intelligent website design for small businesses is crucial. Your website is often the first impression potential customers have of your company. A well-designed and user-friendly website makes a positive impression. Conversely, a poorly designed site does the opposite. It can discourage visitors from doing business with you and damage your reputation. 

A creative website is an invaluable marketing tool. Fill it with informative and engaging content, and you’ll attract prospects and convince them that you’re the right choice. You can announce new products or services, provide customer support, and collect customer feedback, all in one place. Plus, customers have the opportunity to purchase your products or services on an online shop page or eCommerce store. 

Done right, your website should be irresistible to clients that find you through search engines. A well-optimized online presence can boost your position and rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Which you’ll see reflected in your bottom line as your visitor and client numbers escalate.

With user-friendly website design for small businesses, you can showcase your products and services in a way that appeals to your users. Using a unique and custom design specifically designed to showcase the style and image of your brand and tell your story optimizes your results.

Your business website has incredible potential for building trust with visitors. By prominently displaying your best reviews and client testimonials, you’ll provide that all-important social proof.

Highlighting your team or employees on your website and creating an about us page lets people get to know and like you. It helps people understand who you are as a business and if they want to work with or buy from you. Forge relationships with potential clients by telling your business story. 

If you need a website design for small businesses, there’s a plethora of options, including:

icon art ecommerce website design light

eCommerce website design

An eCommerce website allows businesses or individuals to buy or sell physical or digital products and services. eCommerce websites come in all shapes and sizes.

Read more…

icon art blog website design light

Business blog website design

A business blog is a form of online journal or magazine that may include news articles or reports about a business’s activities or relevant areas of interest in the same industry or niche. 

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icon art portfolio website design light

Portfolio website design

Portfolio pages are websites that display a company’s or individual’s work. They demonstrate and showcase a hand-picked selection of projects to show the visitor what the portfolio owner can do.

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Web design pricing

Package details
  • No. of pages
    No. of pages
  • Responsive design
  • Domain registration
  • Access to build website
  • Project workflow
  • Hosting provisioning
  • No. of months web hosting incl.
    No. of months web hosting incl.
  • No. of stock images incl.
    No. of stock images incl.
  • No. of custom icons incl.
    No. of custom icons incl.
  • Email opt-in / subscriber list incl.
    Email opt-in / subscriber list incl.
  • Blog posting (once live)
  • Project pages (once live)
  • Keyword research
The basic building blocks of any website
  • No. of pages
    Up to 6 standard pages
  • No. of months web hosting incl.
  • No. of stock images incl.
  • No. of custom icons incl.
  • Email opt-in / subscriber list incl.
Ideal for growing businesses
  • No. of pages
    Up to 9 standard pages
  • No. of months web hosting incl.
  • No. of stock images incl.
  • No. of custom icons incl.
  • Email opt-in / subscriber list incl.
Fully loaded
Ideal for established businesses
  • No. of pages
    Up to 12 standard pages
  • No. of months web hosting incl.
  • No. of stock images incl.
  • No. of custom icons incl.
  • Email opt-in / subscriber list incl.
  • 3 x Monthly
  • 3 x Monthly
  • ~ 25 keywords

Every single website project is completely unique in the work required. The above pricing is for guidance only and we would need to fully understand the requirements of each design project through a discovery call.

Web design – Frequently asked questions


What is the complete website design process?

Our process is straightforward. We’ll begin with client questionnaires and calls that dig in deep to find out what you want, need, and expect from your new website. 

We agree on the details, finalize the agreement, and get to work. Throughout the process, you’ll have access to our design workflow and project management system so we can communicate and keep you updated. 

We build your website and deliver the 1st draft. You then revise and request any tweaks and can ask any website design questions. You’ll then have your finalized website, ready to rock and roll.

However, our ongoing business relationship is only just starting, and we look forward to our strategic partnership in your growth. Welcome aboard!

How long will it take to design my site from start to finish?

The time frame depends on several factors:

  1. How many pages our designers are tasked to create.
  2. How complex those pages are.
  3. How readily available your site assets are or how quickly you can make them.
  4. How quickly you can respond and action tasks we assign to you in our project management and design workflow system.
  5. How quickly you can give feedback to us when we ask you questions or need information.
  6. The number and complexity of any third-party plugins/themes we have to test and incorporate into the design and site.
  7. Any third parties that may be involved in the project deliverables, and we can’t control.

There is no simple answer to the question as each project is unique.

But here’s a yardstick answer. Say you order an ‘Essentials’ package. You’ve got all your site assets ready to go and plug straight in, and you’re responsive to our questions and requests. In this case, we can usually turn a project around, start to finish in 2 – 4 weeks from the initial 50% downpayment.

By comparison, if clients are outstanding on their obligations, projects may take substantial time to complete. 

Active projects may be parked until missing components or information is provided, and we can continue.

Our designers are only ever assigned a maximum of two active design projects simultaneously to ensure that they have enough resources and availability to fulfill the tasks and meet their due dates. We don’t operate like some of the cheap website design companies out there! We value quality over quantity.

What happens if I change my mind about the design partway through a project?

We understand. It’s human nature to change course sometimes. It depends on how far we’ve come as to how easy it is to restart.

There are key milestones in every web design services project, and we ask you to sign off and approve the design at certain junctures before we continue. 

Once we cross these milestones, a significant amount of design time and work has been contributed to the project. 

While we have no problem changing direction, there may be applicable fees not included in the original web design quotes. Our design workflow and project management system tracks time spent for each task, and any time spent on an abandoned design or brief would need to be billed and settled in full before we restart.

For this reason, we ensure the initial planning stages and milestones are agreed upon before we commence each step.

What types of add-on pages do you offer besides the essentials?

There are many different pages our clients ask us to develop. To name a few examples:

  • Shopping carts, checkouts, and payment gateway integrations
  • Sales landing pages
  • Sales funnels
  • Membership areas
  • Photo galleries
  • Online courses
  • User forums

Can I choose different pages from standard to include in my Essentials?

Sure. We can be flexible in our web design packages providing we are simply exchanging one standard type of page for another.

For example, some clients would rather not have a ‘blog’ page and prefer to exchange it for a ‘careers’ page to list current job vacancies.

As long as we are not exchanging a standard type page for something considerably more complex, let’s say, an online shop, we’re probably good to go. Just let us know your requirements in the initial questionnaire.

If you’d like to understand online shop or landing page design costs, we can quote for other options and landing page design outside the standard web design packages. Just get in touch.

Can we use a WordPress theme I've found?

More than likely. Let us know what you’ve seen in the web design questionnaire, and we’ll investigate. 

As long as it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress and our page builders, we can look to design your site using the theme you like.

How do we communicate and monitor progress throughout the project?

We use a clever project management tool to keep track of the tasks, milestones, and staff resources of our web design workflow. So, we know who’s allocated specific tasks and when these are scheduled for completion. It’s a great way to manage and nurture our projects and collaborate effectively to meet deadlines. 

We’ll give you access to this platform so you can track progress and communicate with us about your project.

What payment methods does PagesThatConvert.com accept?

Our central billing and invoicing platform will issue invoices to your email address. You can settle your account by debit card, credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.

Because we have a banking presence on most continents, bank transfers in multi-currencies are also available.

What data or assets do I need to provide to complete my website?

You’ll need to provide us with the written text, images, videos, photos, and any other digital content that you’d like to feature on your website design. This is your opportunity to present your voice, message, and brand to the audience your website will serve.

It’s best to have this ready for our designers at the earliest opportunity. We need these elements to understand how to design a layout that looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. 

A design layout for a page with 100 words and two images is considerably different from a page containing 5000 words and 20 images. So we need to understand this before we start building the page.

We’ve put a blog post article together on clients providing web design assets. If you want to know more details about what you need to get ready, have a read of the article which explains more.

What is a stock image?

A stock image is a ready-to-use photo that’s made available under license to the public. Sometimes, you need to pay to use the image, or they may be free to use under the guidelines set out in the license.

There are many online providers where you can obtain stock images.

What icons are available for use as part of the essentials package?

We have a range of 1989 icons to use on your website as part of the essentials package. Below is a link to an image of the available icons.

1989 icons

We can also source, design, or provide alternative icons for an additional fee.

Where can I find additional icons to use on my site?

Many stock image sites also offer icons. Again, these are often under license, so they could be free or require a fee to download and use.

We’ve put a blog post article together on clients providing web design assets. And this includes a section on icon provisioning

Alternatively, you can hire us to design or procure additional icons. However, finding and creating new icons is a time-consuming exercise, and we will charge as appropriate.

Where can I find free artwork and photos to use on my site?

You need to source any images that you use on your website carefully. Copying images found on Google might infringe on the owner’s copyright. So you must ensure you have permission or license to use any images you download for your website.

There are some free resources available for public use and General Commons License. These are:

  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay

If you cannot find a photo you require, you could also consider taking your own if you have a good eye for a photo or hiring a professional photographer.

Any images you use must be of a professional standard as they portray your business and brand. Substandard photos have the potential to turn people away from your website, so we always strive to use the best images possible.

PagesThatConvert also has accounts with several paid-for services to obtain images for you for an additional cost.

What is an email opt-in and subscriber list?

Email opt-ins and subscriber lists are a fantastic way to build your business. An email opt-in is the first step in creating an email subscriber list. Also known as a lead magnet, it’s a marketing method to obtain visitors’ contact details.

An email subscriber list is a list of people who have opted to receive emails from you. 

The opt-in process can be as simple as joining a mailing list, entering their email on your website, signing up for your newsletter, or filling out the form on your blog’s sidebar. 

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase sales and traffic because it allows you to hyper-target specific audiences with targeted messages. 

It also provides data that helps marketers understand how their campaigns perform and where they need adjustments in future campaigns.

With our web design services, we can incorporate an opt-in page to help you capture leads.

How do I get a website design quote?

If you don’t see your ideal website design option here, get in touch! As web development experts, we can help you with pretty much anything you need. From eCommerce website design, landing page design services, or website design and maintenance, we can help.