Email migration services

Is your email service provider giving you a headache?

Is your email provider pricey, glitchy, and lacking in essential features or services?  Don’t fall into the trap of sticking with your email service provider because it’s seemingly the easiest option. You don’t have to settle for less.

But without expert know-how, switching email providers can be a huge hassle. And so many things can go wrong. 

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The hassle-free way to switch email providers

Email mailbox migration to a new provider can be a complex process.

Email server migration takes time and expertise to migrate your email correctly without the risk of downtime or losing important emails in the process.

With our email migration service, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with having a dedicated specialist who takes care of every step of the process.  Zero hassle, no stress, and seamless service, leaving you to enjoy your new email provider in no time.

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Why would I need email server migration?

There are various reasons for migrating your email from one server to another. And because hosts offer unique services and use diverse technologies, email server migration getting your mail from point A to B can be a complex process.

Here’s why you may consider email server migration to another email host:

  • Costs – Many new service providers are entering the market, meaning you may find a cheaper alternative.
  • Consolidation – It may make sense to move all your domain services to one provider, or you may want multiple mailboxes consolidated to one. If someone leaves your company, consolidation is helpful if you don’t want to delete the mailbox or stop inbound emails but prefer to avoid the costs of maintaining a mailbox.
  • Upgrade – To facilitate a hardware or software upgrade, or perhaps a move away from an on-premise email server to hosted or cloud-based technologies.
  • Service improvements – A new host may offer faster services, improved performance, better security, backups, or an antispam service. They could also provide a more reliable service or superior features and benefits.

PagesThatConvert email migration service

With PagesThatConvert, our specialists have migrated emails for over 20 years for companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to large multi-site corporations. So, we’ve seen it all over the years.

We’re email migration service experts and know how to do it right. To illustrate, when you migrate a mailbox from one server to another, you need to make sure ALL of the items come across without duplicates or missing items.

You also need to follow the due process carefully and timely to ensure there is no interruption in service or periods of downtime. One small emission, misconfiguration, or incorrectly aligned cog in the machine can have devastating effects on critical business-related emails.

Multiply this by the number of employees in your organisation, and it quickly becomes apparent that the email server migration needs to be done correctly to avoid potential problems.

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Let us save you the stress and handle your email migration service for you. We’ll leverage our years of experience in helping you migrate your email to your new hosts. As a result, your valuable email data remains intact, complete, and your service remains 100% available without suffering any downtime.

Most common email configuration scenarios

icon MS exchange dark

MS Exchange

  • On premise or hosted business email
  • Private email server to send and receive all company emails
  • Migration Into / Away
icon MS office365 dark

MS Office 365

  • MS hosted business-grade email
  • Shared email server to send and receive all company emails
  • Migration Into / Away
icon Google dark


  • Gmail (personal use)
  • Workspace (business use)
  • Migration Into / Away
icon email dark


  • POP3 / IMAP / SMTP
  • Personal / Business use
  • Migration Into / Away

These configurations are offered as services by many email hosting providers and third-party resellers worldwide.

PagesThatConvert offers email migration services into or away from any of these four standard email configurations.

Email migration pricing

Package details
  • Email mailbox migration
    Email mailbox migration
  • Client setup assistance docs
  • Mailbox size limit*
    Mailbox size limit*
  • Configure domain
  • Mailbox administration
  • Add email forwarders, wildcards & aliases
    Add email forwarders, wildcards & aliases
  • Email signatures
    Email signatures
  • Mailbox rules
    Mailbox rules
  • End-user support
Just moving the data
$60 per mailbox
  • Email mailbox migration
  • Mailbox size limit*
  • Add email forwarders, wildcards & aliases
  • Email signatures
  • Mailbox rules
Moving the data, configuring the domain and mailbox administration
$90 per mailbox
  • Email mailbox migration
  • Mailbox size limit*
  • Add email forwarders, wildcards & aliases
  • Email signatures
  • Mailbox rules
Total migration package
$120 per mailbox
  • Email mailbox migration
  • Mailbox size limit*
  • Add email forwarders, wildcards & aliases
  • Email signatures
  • Mailbox rules

* It’s possible to migrate mailboxes over 15Gb in size, but these can take longer and usually require some pre-emptive work. Contact us for a bespoke or tailor-made email server migration package suitable for mailboxes over 15Gb in size.

Email migration frequently asked questions

How long does the email migration service take?

There’s no real one-size-fits-all answer. Many determining factors can affect how long it takes. Such as:

  • How large the mailbox is
  • How many items the mailbox contains
  • Speed of internet at mail hosts or available bandwidth per connection
  • Available resource on the sending and receiving servers
  • The number of mailboxes that are being migrated simultaneously

To give some indication, you could expect a singular 5Gb mailbox migration to be completed in 24 hours.

Conversely, 150 mailboxes might take between 2 – 4 weeks with migration and administration time.

The critical thing to consider is that while the email server migration is underway, you still have access to your email and mailbox in the usual way. We copy things over in the background. Once the items are mostly there (99% of it or more), we change you to the new mail server and then run a much shorter export migration to catch missed or delivered during the transition process. This makes for a seamless and transparent migration to all end-users with zero downtime.

Will my folder structure be preserved?

Yes. Everything comes across as it is in the original mailbox. So if your inbox has many subfolders and those folders contain emails that you’ve previously sorted, it all comes across in the email server migration to match your original mailbox.

Will my calendar, tasks, and contacts be migrated also?

If you’re going from a business email service to another business email service, then yes.

If your email server migration is from a business email to a personal or business IMAP or POP3 mailbox, then the destination mailbox probably does not contain support for these items.

However, we can still take export backups of the data before you close the mailbox account. We can also import contacts into your email client address book, so you still have access.

To answer this question fully, we need to understand precisely what data you need to come across. There are many different email providers available, and we can help you with a tailor-made solution based on your requirements and budget. Contact us for more info and an answer to this question more specific to your needs.

What do you need from me to start the migration?

Initially, we’ll need to discuss your current set-up and what you would like from a new service.

Once we’ve scoped out a solution, we’ll need admin access to any business email services you have set up currently or intend to move to. In some cases, we also need individuals’ email login credentials to the individual email accounts.

Do PagesThatConvert offer email hosting?

Not currently. But that may change in the future.

It’s a very competitive market, and there are many good service providers out there that we can recommend to suit your needs.

Some of the bigger players also offer additional services as part of a larger package. Look at Microsoft – Their office 365 essentials email hosting comes with access to the web version of MS Office. It’s an excellent service, at a low price point – which makes it incredibly competitive. Smaller businesses like us would struggle to compete against giants in this arena.

PagesThatConvert offers the email migration service because we frequently find that clients prefer to have their web hosting, domain name registration, and email hosting all under one roof when we do a site redesign or migration for them.

Often they are looking for a clean break away from the previous hosts and turn to us for advice. So we are positioned and ready to help with that scenario by assisting with the entire process of migrating everything away to new hosts if there is that requirement.

Do I need to be a customer with a PagesThatConvert designed website??

No, not at all! This service is open to everyone, even if you’re not already a client or have a website designed or migrated by us. So, contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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