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About WeAreBodyBeautiful.com

WeAreBodyBeautiful.com is an online test and review site for at-home beauty technologies and therapies. As an affiliate marketing site, it publishes comprehensive reviews and round-ups of the latest at-home devices, including hair removal, skin health, and anti-ageing technologies.

The in-depth content not only explains how the products work, but also the underlying science in layperson’s terms. It also includes impartial and real-world comparison studies, along with results.

The site provides support for consumers around the world to make informed purchasing decisions. It provides buying options and links to the most competitive suppliers via its affiliate programs. 

Project requirements / challenges

The at-home beauty technologies and devices industry has gained incredible momentum in the last ten years. It’s now competing for space against the multi-billion dollar beauty market that comprises traditional skin, hair, and anti-ageing products, such as creams, oils, and lotions.

As the marketplace continues to grow, an increasing number of affiliates are competing to win those all-important clicks. Competition is tough. Entering new content at top ranking positions is challenging, as is maintaining first page ranking on existing content. But, it’s necessary to ensure the high traffic and associated converting revenues.

As a result the website must be highly optimized to remain competitive and rank highly in search results. One of the largest challenges our client was facing was a plateued period of growth in organic search results.

Our brief for this re-design and re-launch project contained the following key requirements:


  1. Take back control of the hosting service and standardize the WordPress application environment
  2. Assist with design and styling. To introduce page, post and category templates, along with global presets to match business branding for all content on the site
  3. Review and implement any necessary security processes to ensure the site is up and available 99.9% of the time
  4. Design and configuration to follow white hat SEO best practices and to reinvigorate growth with organic search
  5. Revamp current problematic navigation issues with mobile devices
  6. Implement a CRM system for email marketing purposes
  7. Ongoing assistance and support with design, back-end, maintenance and hosting technologies
  8. Ongoing SEO strategy and efforts to ensure continued growth and dominance within the niche

Project deliverables and results

Below is an overview on how we helped deliver value to WeAreBodyBeautiful.com with tangible results.

Results for the business


  • Succesful migration away from previous bespoke, complicated WordPress enviroment with limited support. This gave much-needed control of the website back to our client.
  • Improved hosting environment with more resources leading to faster page load speeds and improved SEO / page ranking
  • Standardization of design templates and layouts to make further ongoing content publication more efficient and to ensure conformity with branding styles
  • Improved security throughout the site
  • Improved technical SEO configured from the server down and through the WordPress application layer
  • Improved on-page SEO leading to faster page-load speeds, higher rankings and rich snippet listings
  • New responsive menu design delivering a better user experience especially with a marked improvement for mobile usage (75% of visitors) and search
  • Implemented a support retainer, including routine monthly maintenance, pro-active monitoring and SEO fitness reporting. This gives our client peace of mind on continued website availability and also an insight into ongoing SEO strategies and their effectiveness
  • Increasing number of top 10 held positions in Google search for niched search queries
  • Surge in traffic, leading to increased number of conversions - Sales are up and continue to increase month-on-month!
Before PTC involvement GTMetrix results

Sample page Before PTC assistance and re-design

After PTC involvement GTMetrix results

Same sample optimised page After PTC assistance and re-design

WeAreBodyBeautiful Organic growth graph Ahrefs

Ahrefs graph showing organic search metric data and growth since site re-design and launch

Technical implementations / actions

  • Implemented hosting solution where client has their own hosting panel to allow for more control over their hosting environment and ability to make changes without the need of submitting change requests via their developer for billable actions
  • Hosting environment deployed is a VPS with more dedicated server resource and better control over the enviroment
  • Migrated website away from bespoke platform with customized code and removed 3rd party developer dependancies where possible, replacing with user-centric plugins. The aim of this excercise was to give more control back to the client over their website by moving back to a vanilla WordPress environment. Some customisations were unavoidable to continue website operations
  • Site security overhaul, comprising:
    • Full site security audit
    • Removal of unused themes and plugins
    • Software updates, where neccesary
    • Introduction of automated daily local backups
    • Introduction of automated offsite-backup policy to the cloud
    • System to prevent brute-force attcks
    • Introduction of 2FA for elevated users / admins
  • Gave collaborative assistance on various elements of design and styling including:
    • Implementing child theme and configuring any customization required
    • New mega-menu layouts and brand new design. Offering massive improvements for responsive presentation and UI/UX to mobile devices and search
    • Assistance with default template designs and layouts for specific page / posts types and categories
    • Fixed page widths for defined viewports
    • Fixed text width across all devices
    • New site footer
    • New 404 error page
    • New contact page with contact form
  • On-page optimizations, including:
    • Image library consolidation, compression and introduction of WebP technology. Lazy load technology also deployed
    • Video rendering, removing pre-load delays and load time optimizations to external sources
    • CSS / JavaScript load minify
    • Font pre-loading
    • Before and after benchmarking with GTMetrix analysis
    • Schema markup creation and integration with ACF to offer efficiencies with page optimizations, page listing and build times for new and existing content
    • Slashed youtube pre-rendering delays on all youtube channel videos that are loaded throughout the site
  • Introduction of CRM platform
    • Email newsletter / subscription signup form, with double optin
    • SMTP connector configuring for email mailouts on mass
  • Improved overall site perfomance by consolidation of media library images and space consumed
  • Rolled out deployment of enterprise grade CDN
  • Introduced an ongoing monthly pro active maintenance and premium support retainer, along with SEO fitness reporting and included monthly consultancy time to help advance competitive positioning for the business

A sample of the design and layout

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