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About EasyFreelanceWriting.com

EasyFreelanceWriting.com is a digital sanctuary for aspiring freelance writers seeking comprehensive learning, coaching, and mentorship. This site is owned and led by Zia Sherrell, an accomplished health copywriting expert and seasoned serial entrepreneur.

Having propelled her freelance writing career to a multi-six-figure business within the blink of an eye, Zia identified a gap in the market for genuine professional guidance grounded in everyday industry experiences.

During her writing business startup, she encountered numerous ‘Gurus’ in the coaching, online course, and mentoring space. Through these encounters, she realized that many self-proclaimed experts preached principles they did not practice or lacked firsthand freelance writing experience. Disenchanted by these experiences, Zia set out to provide an enhanced service, releasing her first eBook, “The Zero Bullshit Guide to Easy Freelance Writing — The 10 Pillars of $10K Months.”

EasyFreelanceWriting.com extends both free and premium services to assist aspiring writers in their journey. Zia envisions a continually evolving platform with publicly accessible resources and exclusive content hidden behind a paywall. This strategic approach aims to curate specialized courses and valuable content exclusively for subscribers and paying members. 

Project requirements / challenges

Months post-launch, EasyFreelanceWriting.com soared in popularity. Zia’s free eBook became a hit, amassing thousands of engaged leads and subscribers. Her active Facebook group swelled to over 5000 members hungry for her industry insights.

As Zia prepped her course materials, our previously set-up CRM diligently nurtured her leads, freeing her to craft invaluable content for her upcoming courses. Ready to transform her platform into an interactive hub, she summoned our expertise for the next phase of the evolution of her website.

Our brief for this membership and online course integration project contained the following key requirements:


  1. Develop and implement a robust membership system ensuring content protection via paywall or user authentication and controlling access to valuable resources.
  2. Customize multiple membership tiers accommodating diverse subscription models, including recurring, one-time payments, and group roles, securing content based on membership levels for enhanced user engagement.
  3. Integrate secure payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal.
  4. Integrate the eCommerce gateway into the membership system.
  5. Build a user-centric dashboard enabling clients to manage accounts efficiently, oversee purchase history, and manage subscriptions or products effortlessly.
  6. Build comprehensive courses using provided content for enrolled students.
  7. Create an integrated system enabling student assessments and feedback mechanisms.
  8. Build an attractive course registration page, listing key features and promotional discounts.
  9. Build an effective sales landing page with a clear Call to Action driving visitors toward registration.
  10. Build an informative Thank you page advising subscribers of the next steps, unlocked resources, and supporting systems.
  11. Implement content protection mechanisms to some existing site content, allowing access only to registered users.
  12. Integrate course subscriptions and membership access into the CRM.
  13. Develop automated email sequences for course or membership subscriptions.
  14. Provide continual support across design, backend operations, maintenance, and further course and membership requirements. 

Project deliverables and results

Below is an overview of how we helped deliver value to EasyFreelanceWriting.com with tangible results.

Results for the business


  • Implemented membership functionality to the website to protect content and introduce a paywalled system. This controls access to valuable resources, impacting user engagement and allowing our client to monetize their intellectual property.
  • Customized multiple membership tiers, accommodating diverse subscription models. This increases demand for additional subscriptions per seat, increasing revenue streams after an initial purchase.
  • Integrated secure payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal. This enables swift, safe, and diverse transaction options for users wishing to purchase services offered throughout the website.
  • Built a user-centric dashboard enabling clients to manage their accounts efficiently, oversee purchase history, and manage subscriptions or products effortlessly, ensuring a streamlined user experience.
  • Built comprehensive courses using the provided content, establishing an engaging learning environment and ensuring seamless course material delivery for enrolled students.
  • Integrated a system enabling student assessment and feedback mechanisms to foster a dynamic learning environment and ability to gauge course progress effectively.
  • Built course registration pages for each course, highlighting key course features and promotional discounts applied.
  • Built a persuasive course sale landing page explaining all features and benefits thoroughly, with clear Call to Action buttons leading to course registration.
  • Built course Thank You pages to inform new subscribers of the next steps and where to seek support if required.
  • Implemented content protection mechanisms via paywalled resources to existing website content. This allows access only to registered users and, by preserving exclusivity, encourages new visitors through user registration within the platform.
  • Integrated course subscription and membership access into the CRM, enabling precise user tagging for targeted email marketing and optimized user segmentation.
  • Setup and configured email sequencing and further nurturing communications, post subscription, which runs on autopilot.
  • Providing continual support across design, backend operations, maintenance, and growing membership, course, and paywall technologies. This ensures a sustainable and evolving platform.


Technical implementations / actions

  • Provisioned and configured MemberPress plugin with Courses Add-on. Configuration including:
    • Customized branding and styles
    • Connections to Stripe and PayPal APIs
    • Tax calculations
    • Custom Thank You page
    • Custom Login page
    • Custom Account page
    • Custom Unauthorised message
    • Built and linked in the Terms of Service page
    • Built and linked in the Privacy Policy page
    • Set up membership levels
  • Defined MemberPress rules granting certain memberships permission to designated courses and other paywalled resources on the site.
  • Setup and configured Stripe payments, including:
    • Assistance with client account setup
    • Test mode environment and live mode environment
    • Configured payment gateway for Stripe Elements use
    • Google Pay option
  • Setup and configured PayPal payments, including:
    • Assistance with client account setup
    • Sandbox environment and live environment
    • Configured IPN
  • Created courses, including:
    • Defined course curriculum and structure.
    • Built multiple lessons over several modules using copy, images, photos, infographics, and videos.
    • Embedded code to third-party content, such as surveys, video platforms, review platforms
    • Additional links to third-party resources and citations as part of the course curriculum
    • Built out quiz systems to enable student assessment and feedback
    • Built out a feedback questionnaire form and CTA to review the platform
    • Designed course certificates.
  • Created course supporting pages in Divi, including:
    • Registration pages for each course
    • Optimized Sales/Landing pages for each course, targeting keywords from original keyword research before the initial website build
    • Thank you pages for each course
  • Substantial membership purchase and content access testing using dummy data
  • Created Coupons to be used for promotions and beta testers.
  • Verification testing under live mode
  • Integration into Fluent CRM, including:
    • Automatic tagging contact when a contact subscribes to membership level
    • Drop the user into an automation funnel, which places them in email sequences as required
    • Assisted with the design of welcome emails
    • Assisted with the design of nurture series emails for the courses
    • Configured Smart Links to gain insights into user engagement and clicks
  • Provided training and assistance to our client to help them understand membership and course system processes and operations.

A sample of the design and layout

What they say about us…

Cabalgatas Canoa Abbreviated logo

Once again, I can’t thank Pages That Convert enough for their incredible support in taking Easy Freelance Writing to the next level. When my platform started gaining traction, I knew I needed expert help to enhance my membership and online course offerings, and as I’d worked with Gray previously with outstanding results, I knew he was the obvious choice. And I’m delighted to report that Pages That Convert delivered beyond my expectations.

They implemented a robust membership system with content protection, making resources accessible to subscribers only. Customized membership tiers and secure payment gateways boosted user engagement and revenue. The user-friendly dashboard they created simplified account management, and their course development and assessment systems streamlined the learning experience.

Pages That Convert’s ongoing support in design, maintenance, and evolving technologies ensures my platform remains sustainable and ever-improving. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their online presence. Thanks to Pages That Convert, Easy Freelance Writing is now thriving, and I’m excited about the future!

If you’re considering Pages That Convert, you’re making a wise choice for the growth and success of your online business. Facts!


Zia Sherrell

Health copywriter, Entrepreneur, Mentor