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Repeat business from our valued client, health copywriter, and serial entrepreneur Zia Sherrell.

Following the successes of her freelance writing business and help with her online presence and ongoing SEO efforts, Zia hired us for another website design project – EasyFreelanceWriting.com.

Zia plans to build an online space for help and assistance for any would be freelance writers looking to break into the profession. The site offers free and paid-for services to help budding writers get started. Zia wants to build a site with publicly accessible resources and then publish some content and resources behind a paywall. With the idea of building courses and other goodies for her subscribers and paying members.

The remit assigned to PagesThatConvert for this project was to conduct extensive keyword research and competitor analysis into this niche and several associated broad topics. We gathered and sorted data on several thousand keywords to potentially rank for and served these up to Zia with some assistance on her content strategy before she started putting her site assets and copy together ready for us to design the site.

Our team enjoyed working on phase one of this one and look forward to the ongoing work and assistance that this project will bring with the growth of the business.

A sample of the design and layout

What they say about us…

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“I’ve worked with the Pages That Convert team to help me build my copywriting business website, and it’s been a great experience. So much so that I’m now working with them for my new coaching and mentoring biz.   

Gray thoroughly understands the technologies and strategies my business needs to deliver its service effectively. He’s also a champion of intelligent automation and systems that take the heavy lifting out of sales, marketing, and client communication, allowing me to focus on the central needs of my business. Plus, freed my precious time to work on my new baby course content and memberships. 

I’d say that the Pages That Convert team has been pivotal in helping me turn my ideas and vision into the reality of a thriving business. They’ve given me the confidence to take my business to the next level by providing top-notch strategic and technical advice, support, and resources.

I continue to work with them as my online and digital marketing partners and would highly recommend anyone else to do the same.”

Zia Sherrell

Health copywriter, Entrepreneur, Mentor