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About EasyFreelanceWriting.com

EasyFreelanceWriting.com is a digital sanctuary designed for aspiring freelance writers seeking comprehensive learning, coaching, and mentorship. This site is owned and led by Zia Sherrell, an accomplished health copywriting expert and seasoned serial entrepreneur.

Having propelled her own freelance writing career to a multi six-figure business within the blink of an eye, Zia identified a gap in the market for genuine professional guidance grounded in everyday industry experiences.

During her own writing business startup she encountered numerous ‘Gurus’ in the coaching, online course, and mentoring space. Through these encounters, she realized that many of these self-proclaimed experts preached principles they did not practice or lacked firsthand freelance writing experience. Disenchanted by these experiences, Zia set out to provide an enhanced service, releasing her first eBook “The Zero Bullshit Guide to Easy Freelance Writing — The 10 Pillars of $10K Months”

EasyFreelanceWriting.com extends both free and premium services to assist aspiring writers in their journey. Zia envisions a continually evolving platform with publicly accessible resources and exclusive content hidden behind a paywall. This strategic approach aims to curate specialized courses and valuable content exclusively for subscribers and paying members.

Project requirements / challenges

When Zia made the decision to offer coaching and mentoring services, she was acutely aware of the industry’s robust competition. Countless online courses and coaching platforms had already solidified their presence, amassing thousands of subscribers and securing top positions in search engine results.

Undeterred by the competition, Zia saw a distinctive competitive edge for her service—an edge derived from her daily experiences and grounded professionalism as an active participant in the industry.

Understanding the critical role of organic search visibility, she acknowledged that success hinged on the rigorous execution of diligent keyword research and competitor analysis. This methodical undertaking was identified as the linchpin for EasyFreelanceWriting.com to carve its place, by competing with and outranking established competitors.

Our brief for this new website design and launch project contained the following key requirements:


  1. Develop and deploy a WordPress environment and a web hosting solution that offers intial and ongoing operational efficiencies in costs and the ability to make limitless customizations with vertical scaling in resources to the site.
  2. Conduct thorough keyword research to highlight any opportunities for content targeting.
  3. Conduct an analysis of direct competitors in the same industry.
  4. Develop, coordinate, and evolve a solid SEO strategy for the website’s deployment and ongoing success.
  5. Design and style the website’s look and feel targeting a young, vibrant and feminine target audience, including the following functionality:
    1. Email subscription system to ongoing newsletter
    2. Lead magnet with email subscription
    3. Customer Relationship Management system as part of WordPress platform
    4. Toolset to monitor progress from ongoing SEO efforts
    5. Google Analytics integration to monitor core traffic metrics and audience engagement
    6. Social proof of business achievements and client feedback
    7. Provision for presentation of products and service offerings
    8. A attractive blog and template design to allow for the owner to maintain existing and publish new blog content.
    9. Ability to quikcly share blog articles on popular social media platforms
    10. Responsive layout across desktop and portable devices
  6. Implement security processes to ensure the site is up and available 99.9% of the time and to prevent unauthorized access to any administration controls.
  7. To follow SEO white-hat design and configuration best practices, and to invigorate growth with organic search.
  8. Offer ongoing assistance and support with design, back-end, maintenance and hosting technologies.
  9. Provide ongoing SEO strategy and efforts to ensure continued growth and dominance within the niche.

Project deliverables and results

Below is an overview on how we helped deliver value to EasyFreelanceWriting.com with tangible results.

Results for the business

  • Conducted thorough Keyword Research  for niche. Investigated search queries with intents. We gathered and sorted data on several thousand keywords to potentially rank for. The business was left with a detailed understanding and many search query metrics to help them write content for the new website.
  • Conducted competitor analysis to give our client a better understanding of organic search traffic metrics for their top five competitors in the industry.
  • Provisioned a high-spec WordPress shared hosting environment with lots of options for vertical scaling.
  • Designed and built out pages following the brief and assets provided.
  • Introduced and configured a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to allow automated and managed communications with leads and clients onboarded
  • Built lead magnet pop-up and landing page with subscriber integration with CRM
  • Built blog subscriber opt-in with integration into same CRM
  • Built social share functionality into site to easily share content to visitor's social media platforms
  • Optimized content in line with content strategy derived from keyword research and competitor analysis.
  • Introduced an owner blog with template to allow easy maintenance and creation of new content
  • Implemented a support retainer, including routine monthly maintenance and proactive monitoring. This gives our client peace of mind on continued website availability and also an insight into ongoing SEO strategies and their effectiveness

Technical implementations / actions

  • Deployed shared hosting environment
  • Conducted keyword research from a handful of seed keywords
  • Procured over 3000 topically relevant keywords available for use with monthly volume metrics
  • Conducted competitor analysis on top 5 competitors in the niche, giving metrics and stats on the pages they ranked for and the monthly traffic volumes those pages pull
  • Steered a content strategy and wider SEO strategy with our client. Together we formed a comprehensive and actionable SEO strategy using delivery milestones to drive more organic traffic to the site. This strategy was based on the keyword reseach and competitor analysis findings we conducted at the very start of the project
  • Designed and deployed site as per the site design brief supplied by customer. Design and styling included:
    • Child theme with any customization required
    • Default template designs and layouts for specific page / posts types and categories
    • New site header
    • New menu / navigation
    • New site footer
    • New 404 error page
  • Conducted on-page and technical optimizations, including:
    • Image library optimization with introduction of WebP technology
    • Image lazy load technology
    • CSS / JavaScript load minify
    • Font pre-loading
  • Implemented site security measures, comprising:
    • Full site security audit
    • Software updates, where neccesary
    • Introduction of automated daily local backups
    • Introduction of automated offsite-backup policy to the cloud
    • System to prevent brute-force attcks
    • Introduction of 2FA for elevated users / admins
  • Designed and deployed CRM platform, including:
    • Email newsletter / subscription signup form, with double optin
    • SMTP connector configuring for email mailouts on mass
    • Automation triggers and email sequence funnels
    • Conditional logic testing for automation and sequencing steps
  • Rolled-out deployment of enterprise grade CDN
  • Introduced an ongoing monthly pro active maintenance and premium support retainer
  • Agreed retainer for ongoing SEO fitness efforts and reporting which includes monthly consultancy time to help advance competitive positioning for the business

A sample of the design and layout

What they say about us…

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“I’ve worked with the Pages That Convert team to help me build my copywriting business website, and it’s been a great experience. So much so that I’m now working with them for my new coaching and mentoring biz.   

Gray thoroughly understands the technologies and strategies my business needs to deliver its service effectively. He’s also a champion of intelligent automation and systems that take the heavy lifting out of sales, marketing, and client communication, allowing me to focus on the central needs of my business. Plus, freed my precious time to work on my new baby course content and memberships. 

I’d say that the Pages That Convert team has been pivotal in helping me turn my ideas and vision into the reality of a thriving business. They’ve given me the confidence to take my business to the next level by providing top-notch strategic and technical advice, support, and resources.

I continue to work with them as my online and digital marketing partners and would highly recommend anyone else to do the same.”

Zia Sherrell

Health copywriter, Entrepreneur, Mentor